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COVID UPDATE: Face-face appointments in West Hobart now require all attendees to be FULLY VACCINATED and WEAR A MASK (children must also wear a mask but it is understood they may not yet be fully vaccinated).  Alternatively Telehealth appointments can be arranged if you are unvaccinated, unwell, isolating, or prefer not to attend in person for other reasons.  More information about telehealth can be found under the telehealth tab above.


Due to the high demand for psychological services and lengthy wait for appointment slots, Michaela's books are currently closed to new clients, this situation will be reviewed after April, but bulk billing for new clients will not be available until further notice (further information about fee types and changes is available under the Update tab).  

Please contact Michaela to discuss therapy if you are a NEW CLIENT to ensure she is an appropriate person to meet your needs (first appointments take 90 minutes and this form only allows for 60 minute appointments).


Existing clients can use the booking form below to schedule subsequent appointments.  Given the heavy demand you can also contact Michaela to request to be placed on a waitlist to be notified if an earlier time becomes available. 


Please notify Michaela if you need to reschedule or are unable to attend an existing appointment as cancellations are not possible using this form, and please provide as much notice as possible so unneeded appointments can be offered to those waiting for an earlier time. 

Please also be aware that there is a cancellation fee for non-attendance or cancellations unless sufficient notice is given.  The required period of notice will shortly increase from 24 to 48 hours.

Please note: This booking form only allows access to available appointments in approximately the next 3-4 months with additional weeks gradually being added.  To reduce ongoing diary congestion issues, advance bookings should be limited to THREE.  

Before booking, please review the Updates tab for POLICY UPDATES and FEE INCREASES  commencing 1/6/2022.